A Social Media Success Story

A few years ago I had the pleasure of attending a writers’ workshop with the Irish poet Pat Boran. It was extremely informative and did a great deal to boost my confidence as a writer. Earlier this week an English photographer I follow on Facebook – he and I once wrote for the same e-zine – embarked on a personal project in anticipation of his 65th birthday. Over the next 26 weeks 65×65 will become a collection of photographs and haikus that appeal to their creator, Martin Wilson. WformsThis afternoon my twitter feed contained a link to a review of Pat Boran’s latest book which just happens to be a collection of photographs and haiku. I immediately thought of Martin’s project and shared a link to the review of Pat’s book on his Facebook page. Within minutes Martin posted a comment “Thanks Frank, I will enjoy this, I’ve ordered a copy.” Surely a serendipitous turn of events!

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