Up for the Game at Croke Park

Sharing this blog from my friend Theresa because I think it’s important we get this right. We need people to understand and accept that so much of what we have taken for granted over the past half century and more is damaging the environment in so many ways, not just the climate.
When big business uses this knowledge to further its own ends, using dubious tactics to bamboozle communities into accepting the unacceptable it makes that task so much more difficult.


Back in 1986 I dreamed of playing camogie with Ballyboden in Croke park. Little did I expect my big game to involve “a leading Irish law firm” at an energy conference in 2015.

For me day two of the energy Ireland conference started at 6am. I was going to the breakfast briefing “Energy Projects – Community and Stakeholder Engagement” but despite my early rising I walked in a little late. Just in time to hear the presenter, in a clearly northern accent, refer to the Donegal football team playing defensive football, while attacking, advising the audience that this is now the way energy developers should approach planning. It worked for Donegal in 2012.

I wasn’t quite prepared for what I was about to hear. Probably as ill prepared as she was for my reaction. I sat through possibly the most divisive, us and them advisory session I’ve ever heard. Given…

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