Hate Trumps Love

As an atheist I still hold that Jesus of Nazareth’s teachings are a sound basis for living. What a pity so few of those who call themselves Christians show by their words and deeds that they disagree.

Three Worlds One Vision

Child pulled out of rubble after air strike - Syria

Child buried alive pulled out of rubble after air strike
Syria – January 2014
Photo Credit: The Sun

No, it’s not a typo error or a slip of the tongue. In this neocolonial world we live in, hate trumps love. The latest hate speech by a business-magnate-turned-politician, aiming for presidency of the world’s only superpower, is proof of this reality. What’s even more disturbing is that he has a large following bubbling over with the same brand of hate.

Exposed to different religious beliefs in my native land Guyana, I have learned to embrace all religions. But, owing to my Catholic upbringing, my first thoughts in the face of such hate speech were the teachings of Jesus. And, for Christians who celebrate Christmas, this is the perfect time to reflect on the significance of his birth.

Jesus came into this world to save humankind (Luke 2: 9-14). That was…

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2 thoughts on “Hate Trumps Love

  1. I agree with you Frank. I too was a Christian. I didn’t quit because the path was too difficult, I quit because it was too corrupt. I’m definitely not an atheist – I know that god(s) exist simply because the vast majority of people insist on creating, re-creating and re-defining their gods’ “will” moment by moment, and I am not one to live in denial, one way or the other. I had a Teacher long ago who said to me, “when non of it matters, it will all be yours.” I can incarnate divinities and I can transcend same. No problem. What concerns me is what people do with their beliefs. Obviously Christians totally ignore the teachings of their god and saviour, having turned the concept into the ultimate: guaranteed everlasting life insurance regardless of current behaviour: once saved, always saved. That’s the perversion that has, not crept but boldly jack-booted in and taken over the religion. Wasn’t it Martin Luther, the killer of helpless peasants and instigator of the bloodiest, cruelest wars known to man to this day (the “reformation wars), who said, “If you sin, sin boldly”? I have a hard time reconciling that with the teachings of Jesus, but Christians certainly do not. In all organized, politically motivated religions (and aren’t they all?) interpretations trump the original word – as was the case during the Jesus ministry with the Jewish rabbis (that’s assuming the story is true, again it does not matter, only the results matter).


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