Car Crashes and Shoot-outs

Cover #10You won’t find them in my novel Transgression. Which probably explains why one reviewer said it was boring and went on to claim that there was “not a lot going on.”

There are two deaths from natural causes, a couple of suicides, a rape, the sexual abuse of a minor by a radio DJ, people-trafficking for underage sex and a middle aged married couple who make love in a Welsh woodland whilst on holiday.

All pretty ordinary run of the mill stuff – certainly no exhilarating car chases or terrifying shoot-outs.

I know it shouldn’t, but that comment, my first disappointing review, worried me. Or, it did until I read the e-mail John MacKenna wrote me on New Years Day.

John is an award winning Irish novelist, poet and playwright. I described in a previous post how it was at a writing workshop he conducted that the principle protagonist in Transgression first revealed himself to me. In November last year I had the pleasure of attending a function at which John and a number of other long established Irish poets and writers, including Dermot Bolger, Rita Ann Higgins, Liam Ryan and Seamus Hosey, read from their work.

I took along a copy of Transgression. At the conclusion of the event I approached John and presented it to him. This is what he wrote about it in that New Years Day e-mail:

Hi Frank

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you about your book. The autumn/early winter was a really busy time between finishing a play tour and working on a book. Finally, over the Christmas, I got time to catch up on reading and got to Transgression.

Congratulations – what a wonderfully absorbing story with characters who came alive and a narrative that really carried me JM coverthrough the book in just three sittings. You must be very proud of it – you should be.

And thank you for the kind mention – I’m glad that character exercise led to greater things.

Again, thanks for giving me a copy and well done on a splendid piece of work. May there be more in 2016 and the years ahead.

Good things

John MacKenna

Now it’s your turn. Use the coupon code MS82P at the Smashwords check out to get your own free copy of Transgression. When you have read it write your own review and tell the world whether you think it is boring or splendid – or something else entirely. Take as long as you like to read the book and write the review but don’t miss this chance to get your free book; the code expires on January 10th.

4 thoughts on “Car Crashes and Shoot-outs

  1. Thank you, Frank. I have downloaded the novel, “Transgressions” using the code. I will get down to reading it as soon as I can get some of my proverbial ducks in a row here. Enjoy Ireland!!!


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