Voting in Laois?

Protecting the environment is about a lot more than climate change. It’s about all the other damage we are doing to the planet we call home. Like plastic that finds its way from the seas into the human food chain; it’s about the pollution of water courses by the improper use of fertilisers or the careless disposal of industrial effluents. And it’s about the loss of species whether as a result of the use of insecticides or the destruction of habitats.

In my mind, if I want to ensure a sustainable future for the world into which my grand-daughter will one day bring her children, then having Green voices in governments across the world is essential. And the great thing about the system of voting used here in the Republic of Ireland is that there is no such thing as a wasted vote. With the UK’s ‘first past the post’ system voting for a candidate who has little chance of winning reduces the chances of the front-runner being defeated by the candidate with the best chance of achieving that outcome.

Here you can give your ‘No.1’ to the candidate you most favour, safe in the knowledge that, if he or she doesn’t quite make it, your vote will be transferred to your second choice.

4 thoughts on “Voting in Laois?

  1. The environment is often way down the list of priorities for a good many politicians, which is a terrible shame. It’s good that you can vote for the person that you actually want knowing that your vote won’t be wasted.


    1. Thanks for the like and your comment, Bun. Preferential voting, often referred to as Single Transferable Vote (STV), is a system I long advocated when I was involved in UK politics. There is a downside, however. It can lead to unstable government in the event that a large number of minority interests gain excessive influence.

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  2. It is a lot better than first past the post. Although another drawback is that it requires larger constituencies with each constituency returning 3 or more representatives. Like you say, there is no perfect system. The USA’s system of electoral colleges, although I do not fully understand it, sounds worse even than FTP.


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