5 More #atoztreasures

I promised I’d share some more of the excellent blogs that constituted the April 2016 a to z challenge. Here is another bunch of five that I have enjoyed. I think you will, too.

Check out Suzanne Rogerson for a sumptuous collection of photographs, recipes and more.

Some contributors experimented with different verse forms. The View From the Third Floor by Eliptical Man is one such. Dr Amit Prakash will, in his Doc2poet blog, introduce you to many oriental and other forms, with translations and explanations.

Also from the sub-continent prabatks, aka inkyfire, produced 26 love poems.

Nebraskan author and journalist, Kathryn Harris, produced a beautifully written series of reminiscences.

Of course, you can still go to the full list of contributors which you will find here and make a few random selections of your own.

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