Hear Me Now, Believe Me Later – Reading Your Own Work Out Loud

I get to read a lot of my stuff out loud at the Laois Writers’ Group. It’s one of the most valuable things about being a member. I also sub-vocalise when I read through. Here, Eric Lahti has been experimenting to demonstrate the benefits of reading your own work aloud.

Eric Lahti

Back when my son was younger his favorite book was Dr. Seuss’s Fox In Socks. Now, for those of you without kids, that book is one gigantic tongue twister. There’s even a warning on the cover about the book being dangerous. The first time I tried to read it to him I stumbled all over the place. It was the literary equivalent of a rumble strip. It starts out pretty easy, but before you know it the book is repeatedly punching you in the teeth. After finally getting through the Tweetle Beetles part, I set the book down and swore I’d never read it again.

My son’s response? “AGAIN!”

Over time, I got really damned good at reading that book. It’s amazing what reading the same thing, night after night, will do for your ability to read something. In the end, I think I had it memorized. I found…

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