Reeling in the Years…

In terms of age, I am mid-way between Max and Joan. A character in my book Transgression is the same age as Joan and, through her and the other characters in the book, I explore the many social changes she experiences.

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Langadoc me gu gu chop and inkle up me goujons. I couldn’t put it better if I tried. No there is not a full moon and I haven’t gone crazy. There’s an element of misunderstanding that goes unnoticed for the most part, but it is all around us.  We misinterpret each other all the time, children in a big way and to a large extent, those who are at the extreme edge of what we consider age.  I re-blogged a blog I wrote on age earlier today, a year after I originally blogged it and it got me thinking.

We have a 91st birthday in our house today.  Known to the state as Mary, to most as Jomammy and to me simply as Joan, it is striking how alien the world has become to her. It is something most people never truly consider. Much of the world today, the…

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