It’s a funny writing world…

Ian, and the thousands like him, put me to shame. Holding down a full time job and still turning out quality fiction in his spare time. I’m retired yet I find it difficult to produce a significant volume of writing despite that fact. Still, when I’m working in my garden I have the same moments of intuition. The hard part is converting those eureka moments into quality writing.

The Quill Pen Writes

Strange things happen to writers in their everyday lives away from the confines of the keyboard, notes, research, and the like, all indicative of their latest WIP.

By profession, I work long hours trucking up the highways and byways of this fair island delivering hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of goods every day. On my travels, I frequently tune into the local radio stations, news bulletins and of course, the traffic reports. It is primarily in my work that inspiration hits me for a project to be, or indeed, one currently in progress. Several times this month alone, a line has come to me as I’ve thought long and hard, the white lines of the road disappearing beneath the front of the truck as it chews up the miles to the next drop. In such moments, pen at the ready, along with an old food wrapper which now serves…

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