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On ‘Bremoaning’ and Theresa Mayhem


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I couldn’t agree more with Christoph Fischer. Especially his last remark: we Brits are better, much better, than the Daily Mail.

LibDem Fischer

I’ve read posts about the ‘unpatriotic’ Bremoaners, as Theresa Mayhem calls us, and criticism of us challenging the vote. 14572331_588401938013304_2056790648814733426_n
I am sorry but I have to respectfully disagree. A move so essential and far reaching should not be decided on a thin margin and excluding Brits abroad, or even EU citizens, settled in the country for 23 years. In Germany – and Turkey – such major decisions need to have a clearer majority, not just 50%, but 60 or 75.
To stop fighting for your believes isn’t un-democratic or a sign of being a sore loser but holding on to what you think is right and best for all. We can’t brush faults in the system away by saying it’s done so let’s ignore the obvious. The referendum system needs reassessing.

Re: Theresa Mayhem – she isn’t doing this to follow the will of the people but to chase the right…

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  1. Thanks. I’m glad you agree. Let’s hope the spirit of ‘our’ Britain comes back ontop!


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