A Letter to the Weepy Left

This article is not the first to blame the self confidence and complacency of the left for the resurgence of the right – Trump in USA, Brexit in UK and Right wing candidates for the French and Italian presidencies. I am surprised that Mr Miller sees the US media as generally left leaning. My impression of, for example, Fox News, is the opposite and that is certainly the case with the UK print media (though not the BBC).

One thought on “A Letter to the Weepy Left

  1. I’m equally ambidextrous with a hammer as with my politics. Or, I could be ambivalent. Or simply inclined to not participate in the sport… Well, I did have a few comments to make along the way, but I wasn’t trying to compete with the play-by-play commentator. People, it has been said, get the kind of leaders they deserve. I would say though, that “the left” – whatever that entails – seemed to have been made up of a political correctness mindset as a generic problem solver, while their leaders took them as far “right” as it’s possible to go without finding yourself on the extreme “left” again. A kind of circumlocutious political process to arrive exactly where your opponent already is.

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