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A reminder that we share a European heritage that it would be incredibly damaging to deny on the basis of politician’s lies and myths perpetuated by foreign press magnates.

Words and Fictions

We’ve heard so much recent talk about hard or soft Brexits. Call me a whinger, accuse me of not accepting a democratic result: I’ll still whinge, I’ll still refuse to accept. travel-books-2I don’t, as far as I know, have any “foreign” blood – unless being a quarter Scottish counts or my grandmother’s maiden name deriving (arguably) from that of a favourite of William the Conqueror’s. But since the referendum, part of my soul’s been torn out. I was brought up European before we’d even joined the Common Market. My parents lived through World War Two, just too young to be called up. My mother had to leave her school at 14 when so many pupils were evacuated it wasn’t viable for it to stay open. Trying to restart her education, she went as a paying guest to the French Massif Central in 1946, where she witnessed more that war had done. Later she managed a degree in…

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  1. Thanks very much ch for the reblog Frank.


  2. franklparker says:

    Indeed! I came via that, as shared by Chris Graham. I’ll share that, too, in a day or two. Not too much of a good thing, just reinforcing the message after people have had time to forget!


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