A Great Way to Help the Homeless

I came across this post when its author followed me on Twitter and I followed back. As I may have mentioned before, I enjoy cycling and get out around the lanes of County Laois most Sunday mornings. This guy is a cycling and running enthusiast. And one day he had this great idea. If you have a bike you no longer use and it is capable of being upgraded in a similar fashion, why not have a go? If you are not up to doing the refurbishment yourself, maybe you know someone who can.


3 thoughts on “A Great Way to Help the Homeless

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I have recently come to understand homelessness a bit better, and I hope people understand it. I’ve had a close friend for 12 years. In fact, we are best friends. We became friends while working together at the city library in the children’s department. Bruce has always been amazing. Though suffering from mental illness, he’s always supported himself, worked for a living and has faced endless discrimination. At the age of 57 and after working all of his adult life, the discrimination against him led him into retirement. He had disability, so he could afford his meager living. However, new city laws made his current home no longer legal, so he had to leave. He was given two months to find a new home, but since the city had no low-income housing available (and neither did any city in a 150 mile radius), he had nowhere to go. Luckily, he’d made so many friends that his friends helped him find transitional housing until the 1 year+ wait list will give him a final home.

    I appreciate and admire people who help the homeless. Giving cash isn’t always the answer, but giving food, a job, a home, something warm, and especially kindness and hope is the best we can do. Thanks for sharing this post.


    1. Thanks for sharing your friend’s story. I’m trying to understand what new laws could have made his home ‘no longer legal’. I’m glad, though, that he has found some good friends willing to help him out.


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