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Appeal to Potential Asylum Seekers By Order of Her Majesty’s Government

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Trust my luck to disover the bogman’ s cannon the day after it closed its doors. Fortunately there is still a lot of good alternative and contrarian literature available to read and share on the site. This is typical:

The Bogman’s Cannon

by Kevin Higgins


The desserts of Vienna are creamier

than is the case in even

the better bits of Leeds or Swansea.

Their trams turn up when they’re meant to,

which is hardly ever true

of an outskirts-of-Great-Yarmouth Saturday night,

except when Prince Edward is dying,

re-marrying, or giving birth,

and there’s an Ian Stuart Donaldson concert to celebrate.

Also, we think it important we clarify:

Hugh Grant is not a real person.

So, there’s no point coming here

in the hope of making him

your husband, or even

your wife.

Contrary to reports in the popular press:

our social security is in fact rubbish.

And we’re working hard to make it worse.

You’ll toil all the hours picking

shells off a beach in the dark;

or clean a pretend bank

for less per week than

Andrew Neil pays to have

his back waxed.

And you’ll have nowhere to…

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1 Comment

  1. Hugh Grant isn’t a real person?
    Oh no…I’m such a great fan!

    Happy holidays, Frank 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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