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Sugar is addictive, bad and a legal killer


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Forget the grammar and spelling issues, this man is a dentist and knows what he’s talking about. I’m much worse at dentistry than he is at writing.

Belfast Food Man's Blog

I’m so passionate about this subject I’m reposting it. Please keep sharing, listening and learning……..

Sugar is the topic today. Kids are eating too much before they get to school!! With my dentist, father and consumers hats on today I shall give a wee insight.
As a dentist sugar causes tooth decay, disease and tooth loss as well as associated pain. This results in fillings, extractions and the problems of aesthetics which lead onto self esteem and mental health issues as well as dental phobias.
As a parent and consumer sugar is in majority of what we eat or drink. Be it natural i.e. Fruit or milk or honey or maple syrup or refined. Even natural palm sugars and other such sugars available all have sugar in them. Now the sugar I’m talking about is in the form of glucose.
You could call glucose a building block which can be…

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  1. Sugar is poisoning our nation. It increases sugar receptors in the brain, which adds to the craving for more sugary foods. Somebody ought to ban it!

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