Rejection: the Ultimate Teacher – Guest Post by author Tina Frisco…

#Remain? #USDemocrat? Feeling rejected? Whilst this excellent article from Tina Frisco is aimed at writers who regularly face rejection, it can help anyone facing that feeling of acute disappointment that accompanies it.
“wallowing in rejection is a choice that wastes precious time and vital energy.”
That is not to say you need to move on, but you do need to find a way of understanding those who don’t share your vision and new ways of expressing it.

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Rejection comes in many forms, from many places, and is very painful. What makes rejection so devastating? What causes us to react in a particular way? How can we use rejection to our advantage?

On a purely instinctual level, rejection threatens to extinguish our life force by depriving us of vital nourishment. No being can truly thrive without some measure of love and acceptance.

Rejection devastates when we attach our personal worth to someone or something outside of ourselves. Feeling worthy only when liked and accepted by those with whom we engage sets the stage for rejection.

When feeling disliked or ignored by another, it’s wise to step back and view that person’s behavior as a mirror our own subconscious. Often the things we don’t like in ourselves are reflected back to us by others, giving us an opportunity to examine what…

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