Demonising of the term ‘liberalism’

Whether it’s May’s response to 23/6/16 or Trump’s inaugural speech, actions speak louder than words. How is it possible to unite a divided country by further alienating the half with which you disagree? It is because I believe in listening to both sides of an argument and making a judgement based on what I believe will be for the greatest good for the greatest number that I have always been and always will remain a Liberal.

2 thoughts on “Demonising of the term ‘liberalism’

  1. I’m seeing the typical Republican to look liberal compared to him. Here are top conservatives like John McCain speaking out against him. It’s true, though. I try to look at each person and each issue on its own and without initial judgment until I know the issue. Then, I base my response on whether the answer is good to the people or good to a select few. I feel like that is liberalism.


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