Guest Blog 30th January: Travel Troubles, by Frank Parker

I’m proud to be Stevie Turner’s firs guest in her blog-go-round. Stevie has written half a dozen novels. She is a winner of a New Apple award for excellence and a Readers Choice award. You can discover more about her and her books here

Stevie Turner

I’m pleased that Frank Parker wanted to join me on the blog-go-round.  He’s written a guest post for me that I’ve split into two, which is set in the days when children used to travel on public transport unaccompanied.  I’ll share the first part here today, and the second part on Wednesday.

You can discover Frank’s books by visiting his Amazon author page at and more about Frank by visiting his blog at

Travel Troubles, by Frank Parker.

Monday 15th September 1952: the day Mum waved me off from the platform at Hereford railway station bound for Paddington, the London terminal serving the West of England and Wales. Some time during the previous week we had delivered a case containing a change of clothing, toiletries and writing paper and envelopes for those all-important letters home, to the station master of the small village station on the Golden Valley branch line…

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