Writing and Politics: I write because I care

A writer who worries whether or not his political stance will impact sales of his books has no integrity so far as I’m concerned. Well said, Christoph.


I think we’re all aware that these are very dynamic if not outright volatile times in Image result for politicspolitics and that we’re deeply divided into camps. People feel the need to speak out and – whether well informed and polite or raging and ignorant – discussions often seem to reach an impasse.

I’ve been rightfully told I might lose readers over voicing political opinions. Yet, I wonder if that’s important at all. I believe that what some people call my political colouring (whatever that is), that colouring will find itself in my writing one way or another. How you portray the poor or the rich, the privileged and the disadvantaged, how you show human conflict and dilemmas – all that gives your attitude towards others and society in general away.

I don’t consider myself right or left necessarily. Image result for politicsYou wouldn’t find me in an anarchist bar, nor at a neo-Nazi rally. I side with evidence…

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