My big story

The food industry’s two deadly crimes: Sugar and packaging. Belfast Foodman, the pseudonym of a Northern Irish dentist, speaks out.

Belfast Food Man's Blog

In the 1950’s smoking used to be seen to be “cool”. By the 1970’s there was indisputable evidence it was linked to cancer. The Tobacco companies hired PhD scientists and government lobbyists to refute these allegations. But now there are class action law suits against these tobacco companies.

Pic. James Dean smoking (top) and oral cancer (bottom).

Alcohol is the cheapest and most legal drug available in shops. There are rarely if any health warnings on the bottles/cans/containers. It ruins many lives and yet in supermarkets its cheaper than water. Another potential for class action law suits against manufacturers and retailers? Not to mention the cost to NHS, industry and family life.

Pic Range of alcoholic drinks (top), normal and cirrhosis (below).

When it comes to food we were always told fat was bad and in excess of course it is, but now public enemy no 1 is sugar. Sugar…

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