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I came to the conclusion a long time ago that the only people making money from indie publishing are those who profess to have the secret to finding readers. Only this morning I gt an offer that would guarantee lots of Amazon and Goodreads reviews, lots of tweets and iinclusion in a newsletter to 10s of thousands. The cost? $2,000 but if I’m quick I can have it all for just £1k. And all from an outfit whose own sales pitch just 4 days ago said that all that kind of stuff was a waste of money!

lucinda E Clarke

I have come to the following conclusion.

Not all books that hit the charts are good.

A lot of excellent books never sell.

You can become a NYT bestseller by targeting carefully and working the system.

What is the difference?

Marketing – which equals getting your book/s out there and VISIBLE, really  VISIBLE.

Now before you read any further don’t think for a moment that I am whining. I applaud and admire those people who have the marketing skill. I may or may not write good books, depending on your point of view (you can see them below!) but I ain’t got the marketing skill, nor do I have the money to pay some person or organisation to do it for me. I cannot even railroad DH into doing any of it either. (you may say aaaah here)

I receive dozens of blogs each week telling me how only Facebook…

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  1. And to think that we writers thought that writing the book was the hard part!

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  2. Thank you for the re-blog Frank.


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