I Can Hear Music

Cuts in public sector spending impact people in so many different ways. With restricted budgets priorities have to be reviewed. That means balancing the costs and benefits of all manner of “nice to have” programmes. Apparently this particular head teacher does not fully appreciate the benefits of music to the extent that Stevie does. But I wonder what else might have been under consideration for ‘the chop’ had the music teacher not left?
Since living in Ireland I have learned that all of the performing arts are well supported – which, I guess, is why Ireland punches so far above its weight in all of them.

Stevie Turner

Rather sad news I read recently is that weekly music lessons are to be cut for children aged 11 – 13 from an Essex school because of budget cuts.   The headmaster has reviewed music provision after a music teacher left, and has decided not to employ another one and to protect all the other subjects instead.

This is all very well, but what if one or two of the children are musically talented?  Not all children are academically minded.  I know, because I was one of the students who struggled through Physics, Maths and Chemistry but loved my English, Art, and Music lessons.  At primary school I learned to play the violin, and when I left that school and moved onto a Grammar school at age 11, my violin teacher used to arrive once a week at lunchtime to teach me.  Music lessons were not considered so important at that Grammar…

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2 thoughts on “I Can Hear Music

  1. One can almost trace this trend to the Reagan/Thatcher years – when the “elites” decided to go for broke and take it all. Now they’re really pushing the envelope and for the most part the “numbties” still don’t catch on that the reason they’re losing is because those at the top want it all, however they get it. Can it be that simple? Oh yes, it is.

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