3 thoughts on “Review: “Creating Freedom: Power, Control and the Fight for Our Future” by Raoul Martinez

  1. As you get older and develop the habit of thinking through “stuff” you come to realize that certain terms can never mean anything because the mean too many things. Freedom is one of those. What freedom? Political? Financial? Social? Religious from, for)? Sexual, gender choice? Freedom from… freedom to…? The questions regarding freedom are endless, as they are of faith, hope, love. The only freedom I’ve found to be meaningful is the freedom to make of myself the kind of person I choose to be, regardless of my personal circumstances.

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  2. I like your definition of the ‘only freedom’ you’ve found to be meaningful. I have not read the book, however the blurb suggests that it is analysing the concept in a political, economic and religious context – and probably arriving at similar conclusions to yourself!

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