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Media Training for Authors – Advertising – Covers, Titles and Key Words by Sally Cronin


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I’ve heard fellow authors complain about what they see as a lack of support from other writers. Not a charge you can level against Sally Cronin. Here she explains the importance of getting each element of your sales pitch spot on.

Source: Media Training for Authors – Advertising – Covers, Titles and Key Words by Sally Cronin


  1. Frank, I’m part of a very supportive writers’ critique group. At our peak, there were six of us. We’re now down to four. We meet once a month at a small and quiet Mexican restaurant where the food and the service are great.

    Writing is a solitary pursuit. I find being with other writers very motivational and invigorating. Publication is a moment of grand celebration to be shared with those who have accompanied us on our journey to completion.

    In August, I completed the final revision of my second novel – the first is yet to be published – and am now in the daunting process of finding a literary agent/publisher. Yesterday, I received my fourth rejection letter. They all say they’re not the “right fit” for my work. I understand that.

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  2. franklparker says:

    I, too, am part of a supportive writers’ group. We have 6 to 8 regular members, poets, memoirists and fiction writers. I tend to find the critiques on offer there too uncritical. Still, it is certainly encouraging to have people who appreciate what you are trying to achieve.
    I wish you like with your search for an agent – four rejections is nothing to be despairing about. I believe J.K.Rowling had 16 before finding someone who saw the potential of Harry Potter!
    Do you belong to any on-line writing groups? I can recommend IASD (Independent Authors Support and Discussion) which is active on FaceBook and includes several members who have been successful with self-publishing. If you are interested I can introduce you.
    The members offer advice on everything from computer tech to cover design and editing. Although several do offer services they are not permitted to use the FB group to tout for business.

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  3. “I tend to find the critiques on offer there too uncritical.”
    ~ We’ve made it a policy in our group to be honest with our critiques. For materials submitted, we note what works and what doesn’t work. It can be tough to hear that one’s work lacks tension or emotion. But negative feedback forces me to dig deeper.

    Thanks for the IASD recommendation. I’ll follow up should the need arise.


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