Farewell to Press This

Not thanks to WordPress for not letting us know they had disabled this handy button. I found out via Chris the Story Reading Ape who shared a post by Hugh’s New and Views. Turns out that it was disabled sometime on Friday night/Saturday morning 3rd/4th November, depending where you live I guess.

After Hugh did his post, which I shared, explaining how much more useful that button was than the reblog button, I had started using it a lot. It turns out that nasty folk had been misusing it to spam people with phishing software.

So what to do now? Well, I guess either revert to the reblog button or write an intro and provide links to  the post you want to share – though I can’t see what is stop those nasty fellows doing the same.

There is, now, an app. confusingly called ‘press this’, which allows you to cut and paste blog extracts into your blog, but there are disadvantages associated with installing it. Read Hugh’s article for a more detailed explanations of those.

6 thoughts on “Farewell to Press This

  1. Yours is the second comment I’ve seen on this, Frank. To be honest I had no idea what the button was for and had never used it. But it’s good to know what I’ve missed!


    1. After Frank’s explanation some time back, I’d saved the explanations on “press this” and was thinking of using it, but never have. I either use “reblog” which allows me to insert my own comments to the reblog, or if that is not available, I just copy and paste the entire article into my blog, with proper references, links, etc. to the original. I guess I can discard the email explaining how to “press this” now, eh? 🙂

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      1. I think you probably can, but beware. After commenting, I went into my settings and removed the ‘press this’ button. Now, despite the fact that it is still shown as being there in the settings, the ‘reblog’ button is no longer visible on my posts. I think they’re playing with us!

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