The Truth Behind the Myth – the Christmas Truce, 1914.

After reading this I know I must check out the author’s website “A Bit About Britain”. If his unbiased approach to history demonstrated in this piece is reflected there then I shall rapidly become a fan.

via Smorgasbord Christmas Posts from Your Archives – The Christmas Truce of 1914 by Mike of A Bit About Britain.

2 thoughts on “The Truth Behind the Myth – the Christmas Truce, 1914.

  1. Thanks for sharing this article, Frank. I totally agree with the author’s closing remarks:
    “So, whilst acknowledging the imperfections in our own society, here’s a New Year’s resolution for civilised people of all cultures: defeat and educate those who may be described, at best, as ‘culturally retarded’ when it comes to humanity. It’s a significant task for the next century.”

    We have much work ahead.

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