Fed up yet with Christmas Music?

Whether or not you are, here are a few you may not have heard yet this year.

I’ve shared a few examples from the Advent Calendar of Medieval Buildings. If you enjoyed them you will have visited the Historical Ragbag blog on which they originated. So now it’s time to introduce you to another blogger I follow whose December blogs consist of a Christmas Song a Day (except that he posts several at once, as in this, his 3rd selection).

His musical taste is one I share – a broad range of genres. If you like this  bunch, do check out posts #1 and #2 in the series.

via #ChristmasSongADay – Part 3

One thought on “Fed up yet with Christmas Music?

  1. Many thanks Frank, I really appreciate this. A quick note for anyone who doesn’t want to wait for the updates: I do actually post a song each day on Twitter (link on my page).


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