What Would You Do Differently if You Could?

For me it was becoming a shop-keeper. I’d taken up politics in a big way and took the opportunity my employer provided to take voluntary redundancy.

What to  do with that lump sum?

Why, open a shop, of course!

Nothing wrong with the idea in principle, nor the detailed plan – if only we’d stuck to the plan! Instead we were seduced by a man who had a small shop selling his home made ready meals. He was moving into larger commercial premises and needed someone to take on the lease of his shop and continue to sell his products as well as all the usual deli items.

Great for a few months, until he lost a big contract and had to close the manufacturing unit.

The location was all wrong for that kind of shop without his USP.

Supermarkets were starting to develop their own deli counters.

We learned a valuable lesson about following the right dream and not allowing yourself to be seduced by a superficially attractive alternative.

Enough about that, now read Jaye and Anita’s reverse bucket list then go to the comments, either here or over there, and tell us about your worst mistake(s).

via The Reverse Bucket List

8 thoughts on “What Would You Do Differently if You Could?

  1. I’ve made plenty but I prefer to distract from the negative connotations associated with the word mistake. I say things like “I once dabbled in…” or “I once had a minor interest in (whatever) but the timing wasn’t right.” You don’t make mistakes you just learn new things 😂 Seems like I’ve learned quite a lot over the years 😂😂😂

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  2. Marriage and kids were never in my plans for the future. Regrets? How can I negate the two souls I’ve brought into this world? Raising them alone, after my marriage failed and their father abandoned us in Brazil, demanded all my strength and courage. Like steel, our souls are forged in the fire.

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