One thought on “*NEW Post* Promote Your Blog in 2018

  1. Hi Frank,
    Had no idea till today there was such a site as this. And while my blog is not for everyone, a little promotion would not hurt. So, here goes…

    I write a blog called “” What I blog about are my understandings and visions of what life is all about, and subjects that relate to “spiritual atheism” in my mind. This blog is not written as a teaching tool, but more as a model of what I have experienced in my life as a “spiritual seeker,” and how those experiences have changed me. It is a blog about spiritual evolution, and it is also a blog about “responsible anarchy,” which is my vision of the perfect political system by which to “NOT” rule the world. I believe all humans, if given the opportunity, are capable of ruling themselves and thus removing any need for people and politicians who believe that we are incapable of being responsible for ourselves. We are taught that we cannot rule ourselves, but the time is coming to learn that we can.”

    That is a quick description of my blog. The best way to find it is at
    For some reason that I cannot explain, not putting the “/about” at the end takes you to a page that says no website at even exists.At least, that is what it says to me…

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