Supporting Cancer Charities With Writing

It is 7 or 8 years since the Laois Writers’ Group published an anthology which they sold in order to raise funds for the Cuisle Centre. By attracting sponsors and holding a slew of fund raising events we were able to defray the cost of having the book printed locally so that all sales proceeds went to the charity which supports patients and their loved ones following a diagnosis of cancer.

macmillan5More recently, as Paul Ruddock’s post which follows explains, a group of authors from across the world contributed stories for an anthology published to support the UK’s Macmillan Fund which provides nursing care for cancer patients being cared for in their own homes. I am proud to have had a story accepted for the second such volume which will be published later this year. I am also assisting with the final preparation of the volume.

Paul’s post below includes the story he contributed to the first volume. Read and enjoy it. Then click his link to buy the book and support this great cause.

“In 2015 my good friend and fellow author, Ian D. Moore invited members of our FB writing group the IASD (see to write and contribute original stories for an anthology of short stories on the theme of Relationships in all their many and varied forms. The idea was born out of the author’s personal loss of a much loved close relative to cancer. See more


4 thoughts on “Supporting Cancer Charities With Writing

  1. Hi Frank,
    Do you know if there is an equivalent in the US? I”m a cancer survivor and donate to American Cancer Society. I would be happy to donate with my writing as well. BTW good post.

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  2. Hi Chuck. It is an international publication with contributing authors from around the world, including USA, although the sale proceeds go to a UK charity. Why not get together a few authors and create your own anthology to be sold to raise funds for ACS? We are all members of IASD as mentioned in Paul’s Post. If you are self-published or published by a small indie publisher, you are eligible for membership. If you are interested I could propose you for membership.

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