Saturday Sound Off – Immigrants are not the Problem, Politicians Are.

Today I’m linking to a post on Sally Cronin’s blog. Sally mostly posts about writerly things – she is one of the most helpful of people when it comes to supporting writers with reviews, interviews and guest posts. She also runs a health column (she is a nutritionist by profession), a gardening column and writes regularly abut music. But this  week a particular piece of news that certainly incensed me also drove her to write a long and well argued piece about immigration and racism. Since I certainly could not have put it any better, I am happy to refer you instead to her piece.

I will add only my thoughts on the latest developments in the scandal: How can a Home Secretary on top of her job not have read an important memo? How can she not have been properly briefed before she came to the House of Commons to apologise still claiming that there were no official quotas for the removal of immigrants.

And now it emerges that a plan to engage post graduate medical students from India as temporary staff in the NHS has been scuppered because the quota for the issue of such visas has been reached. It’s all part of our so called leaders’ fetish for following those who voice their opinions the loudest when they should be countering with arguments about the benefits that freedom of movement brings.

13 thoughts on “Saturday Sound Off – Immigrants are not the Problem, Politicians Are.

  1. Thanks for sharing Sally Cronin’s post. The injustices of the Windrush Scandal has mobilized the Caribbean Community, member nations of the British Commonwealth. What Cronin’s article makes clear is that other immigrant communities may also suffer the same fate.

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  2. “One of the advantages of the world wide web is that it is far more difficult to sweep issues under the carpet.” I would counter that with the inverse. It is also much easier to “spin” embarassing information, throw some “conspiracy crackpot” mud and boil the whole thing down to a social media factionalized name calling spree that will outlast the ability of most attention spans to recall what the ruckus was about in the first place. “Oh, immigration? that bin over there. Shake it when you walk by, would you? No, no. Inapproriate funds are over in the corner with shameless greed. Anybody seen Harry and Trump in a topless bar together lately? Photoshop it, make it so. Next scandal, please?”

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      1. Used to be the prerogative of the rich and powerful to disseminate false information and propaganda to demonize the enemy or slander the competitor. Then came the age of the Internet and lo and behold, the “swots” discovered they could do it for free, and in spades. IMO, the problem isn’t the Internet but type of behaviour that believes it elevates itself when it drags down another.

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