Dan is at it again!

At what? Offering to critique a 1000 words (max) submission from you for just $10. And there’s more! If he really likes your submission you’ll be in line to win $300.

Read more about it below

via Announcing The Word Weaver 1000 Word SPRINT Writing Contest

One thought on “Dan is at it again!

  1. Wow! it used to be $20 to get him to crack your story, start from the top and lay his formula over your work! For ten bucks I can write like Dan! Where does that line start?

    Personal opinion only – your mileage and opinion may vary – and not related to anyone living or dead or mentioned anywhere in this blog post – some people on this planet are perfectly capable of blowing smoke up their own tailpipe. Whereas an honest to God editor like Beth at The Editors Blog will read your first 20 pages and page 200, give you a sample edit and a quote, no charge. Many others too numerous to mention offer webinars and real advice, and for the old schoolers rhetorical criticism and construction can still be had, bound in book form. Books from which one could asssume to learn their craft. Still, all kinds of stuff squeaks by. You should at least read one of any author’s books who professes to be able to “make you a writer.” And this –


    and see how much of that funk is in their work. He said, tossing his wavy tresses over his shoulder and pulling them behind his ear. (Sorry, that last bit was an inside joke).

    All I’m sayin’ is seek out the most comepetent advice you can before you throw your money out the window on a “how talented someone thinks you are” lottery. No matter who they are or claim to be. Ten bucks is a grandkid run to McDonald’s. Something with at least three good short stories built-in.


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