A Burning Question

Here’s Suffolk based writer Stevie Turner with some wise words on food hygiene, mostly learned from her Mum who sounds like a woman I would have liked to have known.

But who knows the answer to the question she poses? Why do they? I never do – seems pointless to me, eat outside in the garden by all means, but cook it inside.

And as for those gas fired monsters, I can’t see the point when you’ve a perfectly serviceable oven and hob inside. And then there are those outdoor heaters which seem to have been created to prevent smokers from freezing to death now they have to go outside with their coffin nails. I would never have one in my garden. If I get cold I go indoors!

via Anyone Want a Burger?

3 thoughts on “A Burning Question

  1. I don’t know the answer to Stevie’s question. My father loved doing outdoor barbecues for his friends, but he also cooked indoors in the family kitchen. I taught my sons to cook, so they’re at ease both in the kitchen and outdoors at the barbecue grill.

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