The Power of Forgiveness

Last Sunday I posted another justification for my opposition to #Brexit. Because it was too late to call it a “Saturday Sound Off”, I described it as a “Sunday Sermon”. Here’s another. Not penned by me, but a reminder that, however hurt we might feel, however disturbed by the anger exhibited by others, the hatred directed toward particular groups of individuals, be they Jews, Muslims, Drug Dealers or Profiteers, the only way forward is through forgiveness. Thank you Damyanti and the whole #WATWB team for drawing my attention to this.

Do You Read The Humans of New York ? #WATWB

One thought on “The Power of Forgiveness

  1. Quite a story. The Rwanda genocide has remained a source of angst and doubt as to the “moral viability” of the Earthian species in my mind. The choice to forgive is a last resort and what would they do if they did not forgive? What then? Finish the job by killing everybody off? Rwanda is a warning to the entire planet: either we decide to deal compassionately with one another or we will all become embroiled in some form of genocide, not forgetting the genocide our greed and technology is now imposing upon thousands of other species. But even with such horror stories as Rwanda and current atrocities taking place in Myanmar, I see little desire, anywhere, for mind changing. If anything, I see a definite move towards retrenchment for older “values” that does not bode well for mankind.

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