Migrants Revitalised a Dying Town #WATWB

watwic-bright-tuqblkA blogger I follow just shared this. I’m including it in this month’s #WATWB selection because it captures the spirit of that meme and gives the lie to reports that migrants and asylum seekers are a problem in Europe. Europeans have always migrated (think of the majority populations of North America, Australia and New Zealand) and continue to do so. We have a duty to welcome those who choose to come here.



4 thoughts on “Migrants Revitalised a Dying Town #WATWB

    1. It was because I agree that it deserves as much exposure as possible that I re-blogged – my pleasure! It does of course invite the question: if there are no jobs for the locals how are the migrants/asylum seekers going to find work?


      1. A good question. As a migrant child of migrant parents, this I learned from the experience: where there is ‘no work’ for the locals there is plenty of work for incoming strangers. Work that the locals spurn as below their dignity or established/entitled rate of pay, etc. There’s work for exchange; work for basic room and board; work “on call” when no one else is available – nights, weekends; work to help one migrant to another getting settled; washing, sewing, feeding animals if animals there be… there is always work. We never complained we had no work, we were always overworked, even as kids. While “the others” played and mocked us, we planted gardens, pulled weeds, hauled water, led cattle to feeding grounds, baked and there was always the church that needed cleaning, sweeping, pews straightened, hymnals placed in their proper place – no, finding work wasn’t the problem… 🙂 Bottom line, though we put little money in the bank we ate, we had shelter, survived and learned local language and customs to fit it though endemic racism was, of course, always a problem – the fifties, it seems, were a bad time patch for racism, as seems to be happening again today. But work, yes there is always work. I’ve never been out of work and I’ll work for nothing if the situation demands it but I will work. I guess I learned the secret of full employment as a child.

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