Mind Your Manners when you Disagree with me.

I quite often express views in this blog – and share them on Facebook and Twitter – that some may not agree with. So far those views have not reached anyone who felt so strongly they felt the need to be hateful in their response. My professional writer friend, Lucinda Clarke, reaches a much larger audience and that comes with the risk of being subjected to hate mail as she explains  below. Such behaviour is inexcusable. Like Lucinda, I wonder when people started to forget their manners when engaging in debate and argument. What happened to free speech?


4 thoughts on “Mind Your Manners when you Disagree with me.

  1. It shook me Frank but I’ve been around the block a few times and in the media lime light where you ‘learn to cope’ with criticism – but this went much further and made me aware of how it must be for youngsters being bullied on line.

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  2. Man, Frank. I avoid Anti-Social media for the very reasons above. Long ago I moderated a forum for musicians, about music and equipment. How can that be hateful? The vitriol would sometimes be tangible. I never understood it. However, I recently encountered it again, full on.


    The thing to remember about how stupid it is to argue on the internet – Even if you win you’re still a retard.

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  3. Ad hominem attacks are as old as public speaking and writing, but they have never been regarded as ethical or intelligent criticism by educated adults who witness it. The best approach has always been not to dignify such puerile behavior with any kind of reply, apologetic or otherwise.

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    1. I think that this trend demonstrates the rapid decline in proper public education and “education for profit” of higher learning institutions. The difference between “now” and “then” is ignorant, poorly educated people have access to social media and, like Trump, can publicize or “tweet” their various types of mindless hatreds, not to make any point but just for the enjoyment of their ugly game. My opinion. I don’t participate in “anti”social media for that reason. (I don’t consider WordPress in that category.)

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