For The Day That’s In It

That headline is an often used Irish colloquialism that means, roughly translated, “because today is an important anniversary”. And what anniversary could be more important as we face the growing threat of rising Fascism across Europe once again.

Apparently the UK government is preparing for the possibility of riots by extreme right wing factions in the event of a second referendum that might result in a reversal of the ill-informed June 2016 decision by 37% of the electorate to take Britain out of the only international organisation that has held the peace between the forces of communism and Fascism for most of my lifetime.

Meanwhile similar movements are on the march in Poland, Italy, Germany, Austria and France. And all are fueled by fear of “the other”, just as was Hitler’s rise to power and the acceptance of the “final solution” – elimination of “the other”.

8 thoughts on “For The Day That’s In It

  1. Two further snippets I read earlier: firstly, the UK government is allegedly also preparing to impose martial law if it is deemed necessary to control rioting and looting in the light of post-Brexit shortages. Secondly, a study has found that 1 in 20 Brits don’t believe the Holocaust happened. By my guess, they would be the far right pro-Brexit rioters you mention.

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  2. What we are seeing is a world’s love affair with ‘democracy’ petering out. It wasn’t a bad idea had it been nurtured along and improved. But those who benefited from their democracies chose to feed off of them and let them stagnate as unkempt gardens. The older forces of repression returned through the backdoors of fear mongering and promises of the good life if they were returned to their old positions of dictatorship by right of riches, blood and might. A bit slower than military take-overs but more effective overall. We’re at the turning point and the outcome is not in doubt: democracies are done for and the powers that be have taken a firm hold. All they need is to throw in a bit more chaos and stir the hate as an excuse to establish martial law. Religion and politics have failed. Money rules through indebtedness which means the entire human race is now the slave of banksterism. Voting is an exercise in futility because no matter who wins, the people lose. The other thing to consider is, if democracy has failed, what is on offer if we are not to fall totally into the regressive systems of the past? What is the contingency plan to replace a corrupted democracy? Or are people so naive, so complacent and ignorant of history to believe they can yet repair the damage to their moribund democracies?

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  3. Personally, I’m as worried by loonie remainers – who have been far more vocal and high profile – as I am about a few fringe fascists in the UK. I don’t see the relationship with the holocaust – that’s a mental leap too far for me – but I just can’t wrap my head round how anyone with half a brain can deny that the disgusting event happened. 1:20!? Really?? That’s appalling. Unfortunately, there is also a tendency to play the anti-Semitic card if anyone disagrees with Israel’s policies in Palestine. It’s a messy world.

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  4. Perhaps I’m too far inside the remainer echo chamber, Mike, but I don’t recognise the “loonie remainers who have been far more vocal”. At least they haven’t committed murder yet, nor, so far as I’m aware, harassed MPs with whom they disagree. I do agree about the difficulty of criticising Israel’s abhorrent policies without being dubbed anti-Semitic.


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