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The First Rose of . . . February!


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My first summer in this garden I purchased and planted a dozen roses, some climbers against the fence and the rest bush roses which I planted in a bed at the front of the house. Most did very well. A couple died after the first 2 or 3 years.

This one was not doing well, seemed much smaller than the rest, so last summer I dug it up and placed it in a container next to the front door. It perked up and produced a couple of good flowers in late summer. Then in November I noticed another bud had formed. That bud has now begun to open, in the middle of February!

It’s a symbol of the earliness of the season. There are daffodils everywhere, some of mine began opening 4 weeks ago. Here are a few more pictures I took around the garden yesterday.

And one I took on January 6th.



  1. Even our garden plants are telling us that something’s up with the climate.
    A neighbor has a small rosebush that flowers only once a year, in the autumn. Five roses at one go and that’s it.

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  2. Our daffs are out in the garden, the magnolia tree has buds on, and I gave the grass its first cut of 2019 last week. I think spring has arrived!

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  3. Sha'Tara says:

    Lovely flowers… reminds me of here last year. At this moment we’re still under a blanket of snow and being told to expect more. The only flowers I’ve seen are snowdrops.

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