Your Editor is Your Friend

Is your book ready for editing? Are you sure? Read these tips from Melissa Bowerstock before you send it off, then do everything she suggests. You and your editor will become friends for life and you will have the best possible book to launch on the reading public.

Working with Editors

2 thoughts on “Your Editor is Your Friend

  1. I admire editorial stamina, and we often make punctuation choices for style and timing. “I can’t allow what we learned in English Compositon to disrupt the sound and rhythm of the narrative.” – Elmore Leonard
    I have gone to finding hungry English grad students to wade through m y work looking for clams. Unclosed quotes, spacing, spelling that didn;t get picked up by the red squiggle. However what I have found to be quite prominent in “editors” is the ultimate desire to turn our work into the Same Ol Stuff. While on the one hand they say “love this” and on the other ask you to remove or reorient what made them love it. Strange. More internal monolog, they talk too much, they don;t talk enough, why is so and so so dismissive. Oh, I should read the whole thing before I get out the red pen? Finding a pro is a tough job. And none to inexpensive. And it’s true, you need someone you can work with who sees your work, and whacks the fluff. But based on what I’ve read as published lately, I am reminded of Dire Straits’ MOney For Nothing because a good many “editors” don’t appear to be working very hard these days.

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  2. The “dos” and “don’ts” in much published advice are certainly confusing, Phil. The important thing is that it is YOUR work and anything the editor suggests that you feel detracts from your intention has to be ignored. And if there is much like that it’s time to say “thanks, but no, thanks”.


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