Some Ways to Waste Money

Just recently I have started getting e-mails from people offering to review my book(s). Of course, they want to be paid and I would never pay for a review – even from a prestigious organisation like Kirkus. For one thing, Amazon will punish you if they find out. Nor would I ask for payment in return for a review.

But paying for reviews is only one way self-publishers and independently published authors can waste loads-a-money. Here, courtesy of Anne R Allen and Nate Hoffelder are some more:

How to Waste Money When Self-Publishing a Book

8 thoughts on “Some Ways to Waste Money

  1. I get at least one or two emails a day. Some of them are upfront about charges, but others usually start off by saying they’re students who love reading. As soon as I reply to inform them they’re welcome to review any book of mine but that I don’t pay for reviews, I never hear from them again!

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  2. These are no more bogus than the endless (no offense) “author’s circles” one may be invited to join wherein the general policy is to “review” everyone else’s book so the “circle jerk” reviews are no more valid than had they been bought. The same may be said of major universities. coursera and the like. Honest, accurqate criticism ain’t cheap. Editing ain’t cheap. That’ why we should learn to edit to a point, format and find cover art if we self publish and avoid ALL the gator mouth press agent/Dan Alatorre-esque $ scams. Everyone has their hand out. What is driving it are vultures preying on those who don;t want to do their own work. Often the very best advice you get is free. If you can read, you can do without 95% of the services you are offered. Thanks for the post!

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