Discord & Dissension – Part ll – “How did we get here? – Part 1”

I have been following Jill Denison’s blog for a while now. She is someone who abhors the Trump administration for what seem to me to be al the correct reasons. She hs now teamed up with another US based blogger to explore options for producing a desirable outcome for the USA presidential election on the day after my 79th birthday.
Whatever happens over there has profound implications for the rest of the world so I make no apology for sharing their discussion as it evolves and would encourage you, my handful of followers, to contribute via comments and shares.

On The Fence Voters

Note to readers: This week’s post on our ‘Discord and Dissension’ project ended up being too long for a single post, and so it will be presented in two parts. This is the first part, the second will follow this afternoon. It seems we have a lot to say, and this is likely to happen from time to time. 😉

As my good friend Jill over at Filosofa’s Word pointed out in her excellent intro to this project last Friday, Wake Up America! 2020 is here, and if you thought 2016 was bad, buckle up your seat belts. Campaign 2020 promises to be one of the most divisive in history. As we speak, the current president of the United States is about to go on trial in the Senate for two articles of impeachment.

And he’s not happy about it.

But beyond the current chaos in Washington, our political…

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