Discord & Dissension — Part VI — Disinformation

I’ve been sharing some of the posts from Jill and Jeff in their attempt to counter the Trump administration’s lies. Not all of them, because they aren’t all relevant to followers outside the USA. But where ever you are, if there is an election in the offing you need to know that this is what you are up against. It has been seen in the UK at least since the 2016 Brexit referendum and will continue. The answer is to double check everything.

Filosofa's Word

This is the sixth installment of mine and Jeff’s project, and in case you’ve missed any of the previous posts, we will also be publishing a Table of Contents in just a few minutes that we will keep updated and link to at the end of each future post.  As I mentioned last month in the introduction to the project, as situations change, we will roll with the punches and adjust our focus.  The last 9 days have brought about great change … Trump was acquitted by the Senate, basically being told that whatever he chooses to do, they have his back.  He turned the State of the Union address into a three-ring circus, fired a military hero and a devoted ambassador for no reason other than they did their duty by speaking the truth under oath, has interfered with the rule of law in the sentencing of Roger Stone…

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