If not now, When?

I live in a country that has already experienced 2 female leaders. This blog post, by an American woman, about the difficulty of electing a woman to lead the world’s greatest democracy – and by implication the world – should strike a chord with women everywhere, but I provide the link for all my followers, male and female. There are lessons here for all of us.

As for those two female UK Prime Ministers, one tried too hard to be like a man. The other gave in to the fear that Gretchen Kelly describes so eloquently.

In the USA in 2020 the women seem to be losing the race to be chosen to oppose the most mysogenistic, narcissistic man ever to hold office since the fall of the Roman Empire.

I repeat the question I used as my heading: If not now, when?

6 thoughts on “If not now, When?

  1. My daughter was astonished that Israel and India once had female leaders, but nothing new, what about Cleopatra and Boudicca! To get the right sort of female leader is no easier than getting the right sort of chap.

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    1. Once a female leader makes it to the forefront she’s no longer female. She will operate as a patriarch, never as a matriarch. We exist in a patriarchy. Man’s civilization is strictly patriarchal and that is how it will operate until it is entirely destroyed – not fixed: there is no fix for this, only annihilation.

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  2. Trump is merely the most blatantly obvious misogynistic, narcissistic man to lead America pecker forward. One need look no further over their shoulder tha Kennedy or Clinton to upstage Trump. Since the Romans? Look in England’s own backyard. However, women, as ST said, will never win until someone presents as presidential instead of another career political hack. According to the research I gathered for several years on the women’s movement from the 70s Women are as fractured and factionalized as the rest of the population. What we need from a female leader is unifying leadership, not a pandering “Soundbite machine. With tits,” just to say look how forward we are, a female president! Texas has produced many many national level female leaders of varied cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Ann Richards was the last kickass governor we had, and there’s an ex president in that list since she was in office. It’s not impossible. Bring us a unifying presidential female and I’ll vote for her. Otherwise?

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