A Weekend Walk in my Garden: #1 April 5th 2020.

Given that so many people are holed up in their homes, many without a garden to delight them, I thought I’d share some views of mine. I’ll do something similar every weekend to show the growth and development of various plants. Stay well, stay safe, stay home, until the present health risk has passed.

After a very wet February and cold March, the blossom on fruit trees is slow to emerge. This is a young Greengage which is the first to flower this year.

Near the front boundary is a bed I reserve for tulips, in spring, and dahlias in high summer. Right now the early varieties, with their shorter stems, are in full flower, the taller, later flowering ones yet to open
Dainty Jonquils are among several different varieties of narcissus in my garden
Keria Japonica is one of the first shrubs to flower but, like much else, is late this year
The small herbacious border is dominated by daffodils at this time of year, but many perenial plants are starting to shoot, notably the tall red spikes of Peonies in the centre of the picture
A bright clump of Aubretia on the rockery
Plump buds of Marsh Marigold on the pond margin
Pretty snakes head fritillaries, a new addition this spring.
Pale daffodils line the path beside the shed.

18 thoughts on “A Weekend Walk in my Garden: #1 April 5th 2020.

    1. Glad you like it Rosaliene. I intend to repeat it every weekend, showing how the growth of plants/flowers progesses through the summer. I’ll also include a paragraph or two about the history of the garden.

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  1. I look forward to seeing your garden blossom week by week! Thank you for this post. Life remains quite gray and rainy in the Boston, MA area, but that seem to encourage our flowers to bloom slower and last longer…

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  2. Thanks Will. “Gray and rainy” is the norm here in Ireland, too. This April has been exceptional right up to the last couple of days. Made the lock down a lot easier to bear for those of us with gardens.


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