Another way of promoting your book. Thanks to Stevie Turner for sharing this.

Stevie Turner

What’s a Biblet, I hear you ask? Well, I didn’t know what one was either until yesterday.

In the past I have bought my own ISBNs from Nielsen, and recently Nielsen sent me an email advertising another way of promoting books through Book2Look Biblets. They also sent me 3 free Biblets as a goodwill gesture.

Book2look is a way to read and share excerpts of your own or your favorite books, and is also a marketing tool for publishers. Books, audio books or other media are presented in the form of “Biblets”, little widgets that can be easily shared in social networks, embedded in blogs or recommended via email in a unique and personal way. The book2look website offers a wide range of book excerpts from popular fiction to scientific literature by leading national and international publishers.

Book2lookhas different types of users such as publishers, authors, bloggers, retailers…

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