Weekend Walk in the Garden #6 – 10th May

We have had more exceptionally warm weather for the time of year – but it is coming to an end. It is already a lot cooler this morning with a sharpish northerly breeze. There is frost forecast for tonight and again tomorrow night. I have fuschias and pelargonums in containers, over-wintered in the greenhouse, that I put out on the front drive last weekend. They may have to come back inside for a day or too. And I’ll have to find some fleece to protect the beans. Meanwhile I have held back from planting out the dahlias because we had several days warning of this coming change in weather and, once out, they cannot be returned!

There is fabulous new growth on the mahonia:

The red leaves are the young ones
Lillies of the Valley
Big fat buds on the peonies
The first sweet Williams starting to open
Jacob’s Ladder
Big blousy clematis flowers with cistus starting to open in front
We shall have strawberries!
We end our walk in the porch where this aloe vera is flowering spectacularly!

9 thoughts on “Weekend Walk in the Garden #6 – 10th May

  1. You have a fantastic garden Frank. You have my wife’s favourite peonies which I don’t understand, as soon as that beautiful head appears the stems can’t stand th weight and they all stgart to lean towards the ground. You have one of my favourites too, the rock rose. It”s a shame it’s life is so short though the bush itself is beautiful.
    Keep Well


  2. Monty, on Friday night, showed how important supports are for peonies (and many other perenials), especially when they become heavy after rain. As for the rock roses – they are sun lovers. The individual flowers seem to last only 24 hours but there are always replacements ready to open the next day over a period lasting 2-3 weeks. The veracity of that last statement will be tested over the next couple of weekend walks! Thanks for visiting, David, I hope all is well with you.


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