Weekend Walk in the Garden #7 – 17th May 2020

I usually take my snaps for this feature on Sunday morning. For a change I thought it might be interesting to take some pictures on Saturday evening in order to catch the light from the West. So these were all taken around 7pm on Saturday 16th May.

We begin with a view from just outside the front boundary:

In the bottom right you should be ble to see the dahlias I planted out Saturday afternoon. I held off doing this for the whole week which was much colder than the previous one, with overnight frosts on a couple of days. On the extreme right, beyond the bay hedge is a section of lavender hedge which is full of buds.
The white lilac looks brilliant when lit by the sun from the West. In the foreground is a holly that bears this year’s flowers and some remaining berries from last year.
The plum tree, with Oughaval (Oakvale) Woods in the background and the border under the Corilopsis botttom right
I managed to protect the beans from the frosts earlier in the week. Some are ready to start climbing
This could be called “Allium Alley”. They are all edible alliums. In the foreground, perpetual onions I was given a few years ago. The tops do not produce a flower. Instead new bulbs form on the tops of the stems which then bend over, allowing the new bulbs to root into the ground. Meanwhile the original bulbs divide rather like shallots. Beyond these is a row of shallots, then garlic beyond. Left foreground is thyme.
The West facing Eastern boundary catches the evening sun
A pink clematis on the West wall of the summer house
And a red one between the summer house and the East boundary
The border on the South facing Northern boundary
Young fruit on the James Grieve apple. Some of these will drop off over the next month or so. If they don’t I may have to undertake some thinnning.
“Allium Alley” from the other end – Garlic to the fore.

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