Weekend Walk in the Garden #10 – 7th June 2020

I’m 24 hours late posting this ‘walk’. The pictures were taken yesterday morning as usual. On Thursday last week my laptop decided to take a holiday. I tried to wake it up several times subsequently, though not yesterday. I thought I would have to have someone look at it today. Just to be sure, I tried turning it on this morning and it worked! So here, 24 hours late, is yesterday’s walk in the garden.

This time I’m offering you a look at a few flowers in close up, beginning with these pinks. Their scent is gorgeous but I don’t have the technology to share it – I guess even Bill Gates couldn’t manage that!

Nearby are these astrantia, which I probably showed you in one of the first of these walks. They go on for ever – not new blooms, the same blooms lasting for weeks.
Behind the astrantia, a purple hibiscus.
“Snow on the Mountain”
Chilean bell flower. This shrub I originally positioned between the ceanothus and an arbutus. Both grew very large, over-shadowing their small neighbour. Last autumn I moved it forward (you can see some of the ceanothus flowers in the top right). Although it is flowering, the foliage does not look healthy. I have taken a cutting in the hope I can create a replacement if the parent fails. Also in the picture are pink geraniums.
Here are some more pink geraniums.
And a blue one.
The last of the columbines. Also in the picture, heuchera and alchemila mollis
The heuchera in close up.

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