Weekend Walk in the Garden #16 – 19th July 2020

On the whole a cool damp week but we have had some sunshine, too. First, a couple of pictures taken yesterday afternoon.

A painted lady butterfly on one of the white buddleias.
Nearby, on the pond, three water lilly flowers open at once.
As we were having lunch outside with son and daughter-in-law, a couple of tortoiseshell butterflies landed on the other white Buddleia. I was only able to capture one before the other flew off.
The flowers in the foreground, here, I showed you a couple of weeks ago, before the pretty fringes had developed on the top of each.
The dahlias are at last starting to open. By this time next week it should be possible to see the three different varieties we have.
The fuchsias in conntainers near the front door are looking good.
So are the ones in this window box, paired with pink ivy geraniums
A lovely crimson rose. I’m afraid I can’t tell you its name
A young hydrangia looking well
Frothy pink astilbe with acid yellow alchemilla mollis in the foreground. A few sweet williams in amongst.
Like the runner beans, the sweet peas have not climbed much. The few flowers they have produced are pretty, nonetheless. They smell nice, too.

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