Weekend Walk in the Garden #17 – 26th July 2020

July is finishing up as it began – the weather is extremely variable. There is grain ready for harvest but with barely two consecutive days of dry weather I’m guessing the farmers are becoming frustrated. In my garden the dahlias are coming into their own.

I started out with three varieties. A dark red cactus flowered form (in the foreground here); another cactus form with pink edged yellow flowers (I vaguely remember some reference to Sreatle in its name). There was a deep red pom pom variety also but that seems to have disappeared.

Lavender. Look closely and you might spot a few bumble bees.
Pink Buddleia
Ivory coloured hollyhock
Pink hollyhocks and Shasta daisies
A low creeping variety of bistort – good for ground cover though I suspect it is not in the ideal spot here!

In case you were wondering about the raised bed, I sowed carrots at one end and beetroots at the other.

More hollyhocks. Hues of primrose and carmine against the backdrop of Oughaval Woods and the Windy Gap.

Here are a couple of examples of acanthus balcanicus. They are not growing as tall this year as last.

We end our walk with a look up at a clematis flowering high up on a frame behind the summer house.

7 thoughts on “Weekend Walk in the Garden #17 – 26th July 2020

  1. We could do with a few days of real glorious sunshine to show it off for you.I’m not sure the forecast is giving us Sunshine this year. Still you;ve some beautiful colour to comfort you.
    Hugs my friend.

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    1. I think we’ve been promised a sunny day for Friday – the last day of July! And, of course, we had about 4 weeks without rain back in May. Hard to remember now but both my water butts were empty and the grass was brown by the beginning of June.
      Thanks everyone for your kind comments. As for having green fingers – or thumbs as you say over the pond – I’m not so sure. I can, and do, kill things: see my post a couple of weeks ago about honeysuckle and a climbing rose. But I have the guidance of masters to hand, among them my copy of Geoff Hamilton’s “The Ornamental Kitchen Garden”, over 30 years old now, and a weekly date with Monty Don.

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  2. You have a beautiful garden and such a green thumb! I am not allowed to do much more than water our own garden, for I have a black thumb and anything I touch seems to die. We planted what little we planted late this year, so most are not in bloom yet, but the sunflowers are growing and will bloom … hopefully before the first snow. Sigh. Great pics, Frank … thank you so much for sharing!

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